Electric scooters for adults

The Zebra Electric Moped simulates a Vespa without the need for cumbersome motorcycle regulations.
Want the convenience and excitement of a seated electric scooter without the inconvenience of a motorcycle license or insurance? The Zebra, a hybrid e-bike/scooter, could suit the bill.

Electric scooters and mopeds have a more relaxed seated riding posture than bicycles while both being easier to install and more functional.

The issue is that Vespa-style electric scooter or mopeds are commonly classified as motorcycles.

In the United States, the rules differ by jurisdiction, but scooters like the CSC Wiz usually need at least a motorcycle license and, in some cases, insurance or inspections.

The Zebra, on the other hand, is special. And if it seems to be a seated scooter, it really has a pair of bicycle pedals, which we call vestigial pedals because they don’t do something. Sure, you could pedal them, but let’s be honest: they’re just there to ensure that the Zebra complies with electric bicycle rules.

Since the Zebra has two wheels, a maximum speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) with a 750W engine, and working pedals, it is known as a Class 2 electric bicycle in the United States and can travel on almost any road or bike lane where pedal bicycles are permitted.

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